Your Natural Connection to Creativity

Allow Crestone Colorado to inspire you.  We are a place where ideas and connections grow, and inspiration waits to be discovered.  Sharing a place where beauty, solitude, and quiet coexist with music, celebrations, and collaboration, we are a creative community guided by both place and each other.  What will you find in Crestone?

A Place of the Heart

A long long time ago, the Native-Americans had a name for Crestone. It was Ay’taynang, which meant a place of the heart. Crestone Films created this piece for the Crestone Creative District to help promote responsible tourism in our ‘place of the heart’ – the short film highlights the artistic, spiritual and environmental attractions of Crestone. It is also a strong reminder and inspiration to keep the spacious and pristine natural backdrop of our town intact – even as we discover new ways to commune together to share the beauty of this area through the opening our own artistic and spiritual hearts.

Come Together

The dance and movement of Crestone, Colorado is one of reaching inward and looking outward—the vibrant music of community and the sacred quiet of retreat, the universal resonance of creativity and its individual expression.

Crestone was originally home to the Ute and Comanche native American tribes and, according to some sources, the members of nearly all tribal groups in North America ventured to Crestone for the healing and meditative qualities of the area—even back in those days.

Our community grows stronger together. Becoming a member of the Crestone Creative District not only provides a place to promote your individual creative story, it also helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the creative district community as a whole.

In Crestone, the artistic fusion of living, community and spirituality intertwine to create experiences that are magical and memorable. We are inspired by place, but also by one another, and strive to dig deeply into the question of what it means to create art—the art of place, the art of community, the art of spirituality—and the art of weaving these together into an evolving story about the relationship between people and place.

Our views are magnificent!

See how our members turn natural inspiration into art and more—the latest postings from our News section.

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Studio Moresca ~ Featured Artist 08.16

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CrestFest Welcomes Crestone Energy Fair!

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18th Annual Crestone Music Festival

The 18th Annual Crestone Music Festival is coming up! August 12-14,  2016 Saturday Night Headliner:  THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRD More information [...]

307, 2016

Kim Roberts ~ Featured Artist 07.16

Kim Roberts "Art has always been my refuge - a sacred, secret place where I could step out of conceptual [...]

906, 2016

Crestone’s New Mural

As part of the project of Kim’s and Nancy Malville’s sculpture garden in downtown Crestone, I was chosen to design [...]